I would like you to take few minutes of your valuable time. I am a – Scott M Prochazka email address

Batula Ali sent a message to Scott M. Prochazka - President and Chief Executive Officer of CenterPoint Energy - Email Address that said:

I would like you to take few minutes of your valuable time. I am a customer over 16 years at reliant energy whom you provide electrical equipments of their customers. Unfortunately I had a partial no power at my house since Thursday I have been calling to center point three to four times a day and orders were issued every time I called them. No one was showed up to my house but every twenty or less minutes than I was receiving an email that says it was fixed. My husband is very sick who had two times heart surgeries lives in the house and waiting for the team to diagnose the problem. After a long complaining to the supervisor who has no patient to listen to the customer stated that they dont have to come to your house but they can check while they are in their office. When I said I will call your boss she issued another order at 8:00 pm and sent a team who showed up at 10:00 pm and I told them is late kow can you come tomorrow. Guess, they issues
their habitual emai stating it is fixed . I called again on Saturday one of the supervisor told me to get an electrician because it is not our job. Then I called an electrician who told me center point team should come because you have underground program and they have the equipment. I called to centerpoint again on Sunday morning to explain the report I got from the electrician and as usual another order was issued after two hours of waiting, I got another email it was fixed. Never showed up. I called back and asked if I can tolk to a supervisor and finally I got one who doesnt water to listen to me and all she said to call an electrician we cannot help you. This I called John Meyers that came to my house this morning and told me that I need to call center point energy.
I have their report and I would like to meet or have phone conversation with you please. I have no A/C no cooker no lights in bathrooms and rooms. I need your help and your attention. Here is my phone # 281-788-2885. I live 21502 Wildcroft.

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