Iam rajan I purchased datsun go plus car from kaizan motors moti nagar delhi – Carlos Ghosn email address

Rajan sent a message to Carlos Ghosn President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. – email address that said:

Iam rajan I purchased datsun go plus car from kaizan motors moti nagar delhi India. My car purchasing date is 2 may 2016 sir now iam too much harresed from dealer. My problem is when I go dealer service centre for first service I give complaint the complaint about ac is cooling not well .and auto cut the ac after running 3 to 4 km. Nitish service adviser told me sir this is compressor problem and we change the compressor and give me time one week. OK after one week company drop my car at my home in the evening after change the compressor. Next day when I checked the ac colling is very worst. Zero. Immediately i was call the service center . CRM Pooja madam told to me sir come workshop. Wednesday nitish adviser pooja madam or another senior employ checked the car ac colling is zero grilled temperature show 20 degree.in front of dealer workers or Technician pooja madam. After that dealer was taken four days for solve the problem but dealer not to solve my problem. Now my car standing in company workshop from 4 days.
2 may 2016:- purchasing date
24may 2016 :- comprasser changing date .
1/06/2016 :- to 4/6/2016 my car standing in company workshop
9/6/2016 to 14/6/2016 standing in company workshop.
And now cooling is zero
Total days 11 company taken but not able to solve my issue.on the date of 14/06/2016 dealer told to me now your car is now we drive or check your car 10 times.now you can take the car. When I reached the workshop I saw that my car dashboard fully open I was shocked. Dealer cheat to me. After that another on18/06/2016 after dealer told to me your car is OK same u can take car. When we reached the workshop and take the road test with dealer again i was shocked cooling was zero.again dealer cheat to me.
Nissan engineer also become fail to solve Ac problem  Very very very shameful for Nissan company.

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