I\'d like to know what kind of business you\'re really running? So if someone is – Gerard M Anderson email address

Michael Topping sent a message to Gerard M. Anderson - Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy Company - Email Address that said:

Id like to know what kind of business youre really running? So if someone is confused or has concerns about their bill, we should pay it without bringing it to your guys concern is the experience Im receiving from your employees. I wasnt sure on the amount of my last bill since I moved was living somewhere else the beginning of that month. So I was told to submit documents as proof to Dteenergy.com/documents. So by the time I got a response back of a denial (claiming they were confused on what I was requesting) my bill was past due. So I called to talk to a dte worker who helped me verify the charges. I asked if I can put that amount on a payment plan (since they waited so long to respond when I sent the documents) with an new account opened at my new address was told they couldnt cause it was past due. So I asked to talk to a supervisor was put on hold for maybe 20 minutes was told not only the same thing by the supervisor but on top of having to pay those charges first therell be an additional charge to start services at my new address. Unless I heard wrong (which I dont think I did) to me this sounds shady Im sure if I contact the Better Business Bureau theyll think the same thing. After I got explained my bill I tried getting a little of the bill added to each upcoming months bill showing I have no problem paying it but I never heard of a fee (not a bill for services used) just to start services.

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