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I am sorry to have to send this message however, we we a first time customer of IKEA and very disappointed with this experience. My daughter is expecting her first child and she wanted to purchase two closets. She ensured the items were in stock (actually we were told the date they were arriving to the Paramus NJ store and we went the next day). We drove 1.5 hours to the store only to find out the items were not there. We went home with a different purchase only for her to find them available to order the following day, which she did. The items were scheduled to be delivered mid September, 2020 and confirmed delivery date, etc. The delivery never happened and the delivery company stated "no one was home to accept delivery", which was inaccurate because I worked from home that day and no one attempted nor called.
I spent about 4 hours that night on the phone with various IKEA reps - some checking with the delivery company, etc. I was told I was talking to a supervisor in Customer Service (after talkin to many people) by the name of Jordin (he said his email address was joben24@ikea.com) He also said we had a case # 54587464. They told me they would refund the $149 delivery fee (which has NOT happened yet) and that they scheduled the delivery for October 15th. I just checked the IKEA website and it shows an Oct 15th delivery however, when talking to the delivery company (XPO ) they have NO DELIVERY info on the order because IKEA did not reach out to them to schedule. I am not spending another hour + on hold waiting for customer service for IKEA to pick up. I have friends who have been purchasing from your company for many years however I am very unhappy with the service that we have experienced with IKEA and XPO.
Can you help in us being able to get these items delivered as shown on the IKE website for this Thursday, Oct 15th. My daughter being pregnant cannot wait any longer for these items that she so needs to set up the baby room, etc. Also, the refund of the delivery would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time, Karen Nelson (order under Lauren Altemose)

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