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I’m beyond annoyed with your online representatives. I did my part as a customer and – Hubert Joly email address

Amy sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

I'm beyond annoyed with your online representatives. I did my part as a customer and waited until midnight for Cyber Monday sales to begin. Today on Tuesday morning I received an email stating my order was canceled with No explanations to why it was cancelled. I literally have spent my entire day on the phone with your online representatives trying to get this problem resolved and to reorder my online purchase for the exact same price I originally purchased it for on cyber Monday. I was told by 5 yes 5 different representatives that it was possible and they will help me with my order but halfway info the phone call I miraculously get transferred to another department that has no idea what I'm calling about and again they attempt to help and once again I get transferred or the call just hangs up. I was told by 5 of your representatives that Best Buy is still honoring the cyber Monday sales until December 3rd. When I spoke to representative number 6 he said there was absolutely nothing they can do for me and that he has no record of any of my calls. I told the representative I have my phone log and I'm willing to show him my cell bill to show him the amount of times I spent on the phone trying to get this problem resolved. I literally have been on the phone since 10:30am until 11:34pm with no luck on getting my product reordered. This has been THE worst ordering experience of my life. All I want to do is place my order for the sale price that I originally purchased it for yesterday during cyber Monday sale and I don't feel it's right that my order was cancelled and now I'm being told oh well you'll have to reorder it for the new price increase. I have screenshots and my order showing that the so called sale price was $449.99 was originally $549.99 AND now today your website claims the sale price is $549.99 was originally $649.99. I want to place my order and be done with this crazy nightmare.

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