Im disappointed in the policies and frankly in the terrible customer service I encountered today – Barbara Rentler email address

Ann sent a message to Barbara Rentler – Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores – Email Address that said:

I'm disappointed in the policies and frankly in the terrible customer service I encountered today in your Ross Department Store, in Albany, Oregon. You see several weeks ago I stopped into Ross to look at a school backpack for my 11 year old. The area manager, Jared, was stocking a few backpacks and because it was October there weren't many to pick from. I chose a Quicksilver backpack and paid about $21.99. It fit my child pretty good and he uses it to carry a school notebook and lunchbox. Little did I realize that the Quicksilver backpack was a wasted purchase. The backpack buckle that is attached to the over the shoulder straps (buckle is made of cheap plastic) broke and it is not repairable because of the way it is sewn into the straps. I guess my first mistake was purchasing goods at Ross. Since I am an avid recycler I recycled the tag and my receipt not thinking that the backpack would break anytime soon. So I went online and printed out the transaction from the credit card that I used along with the details of the credit card transaction and took that documentation along with the broken brand new backpack back to the local Ross store on my lunch hour today. I spoke to three clerks, two of which were extremely rude and shaking their head that even though I had the credit card transaction proof with the date, price paid, and the Albany Ross store where I bought the backpack it wasn't sufficient since I didn't have the receipt. They were not willing to help me or figure out another way of fixing the broken merchandise by way of store credit, replacement, or other means to make the customer whole. Jared the area manager also was of no assistance. I'd be willing to bet that you have had children who you have bought a backpack for and if you put yourself in my shoes you would most definately want the backpack replaced since it was defective or a refund or other means of correcting a wrong. I told the clerk who was ready to do something for me when she couldn't that I would not be back to Ross. Our law firm spends thousands of dollars at Ross each year buying school supplies and gifts for foster children. I will be sharing my story with them. And I'd like to hear back from you. Thanks for your time and consideration. Ann

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