I\'m pretty sure Mr. Murdoch that your aware Of what you\'ve done to the country – Rupert Murdoch email address

Deahana sent a message to Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO, 21st Century Fox, Inc. - email address that said:

Im pretty sure Mr. Murdoch that your aware Of what youve done to the country and Im pretty sure youre proud of that but you need to take a look around at what comes next because when the people stand up it wont be so pretty anymore and everyone Will suffer including people you care about … You must no somewhere down in your black heart that what youve done is wrong but only you can change it… Id suggest for the safety of our country and the world that you do just that … FOXNews has taken the approximate 25% of racest thinkers in this country and amped them up to the inth degree and really turned things upside down with this Trump election and just the things they say in general and higher ratings and more money has you cheering them on… How about thinking about the people and the devastation this is going to cause for a change … And if by chance you really believe these things they spout on Fox then God help you

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