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I’m writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction in my recent dealings with AT&T. – Randall Stephenson email address

Jessica sent a message to Randall L. Stephenson Chairman and CEO, ATT Inc. that said:

I'm writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction in my recent dealings with ATT. At the end of July I called in to cancel my home phone service because we just didn't use it. The person who helped me was very nice and made short order of my request. The next day I woke up to discover that I had no cell phone service, I called in and waited on hold for 43 minutes only to be told I had cancelled the account and your company wanted additional funds to re-open my account. After being transferred from one department to another and asking for a manager multiple times I finally found someone that explained that when the young man who helped my cancelled my home land line he also cancelled my cellular service. Finally after 3 hours on the phone my account was reinstated and I had cellular service, now I began the task of another round of 45 minutes calls to get the account passwords reset so I could access my account online. This not only caused disruption to my service but to my mother's service whose cell phone is linked to my account. Then to make matters worse I got a collections call from Diversified Consultants telling me I had a pre-collection account and needed to pay $186.55 for my U-verse service immediately. Now comes this billing cycle and somehow your company has been calling my mother (who is NOT the main account holder) regarding a past due bill that I've already paid. And in that bill are charges of $37.34 for cancelled account fees. I've called multiple times to try and sort this out and I'm DONE. I've spent countless hours trying to sort out a problem your company made. I've had promises of returned calls that have never happened. It's time for you to fix this situation. I've been an loyal ATT customer for almost 20 years with multiple services and there has never been a time when I've considered cancelling it all until now. I would like to be contacted today regarding my account.

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