I’m writing you today because I don’t know what else to do I made order – J Paul Raines email address

Jason sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

I'm writing you today because I don't know what else to do I made order online and it got cancel for no reason I tried contacting customer support and they refuse to address the issue it's to the point where they won't even reply now so I'm hoping you can help when I made it I check out using PayPal I got order conformation from GameStop and a receipt from PayPal then 19 minutes later I get a email from GameStop saying my order is canceled now the customer services told me it was because of my payment didn't go through which isn't true I had more enough money and spoke with PayPal directly and they inform me the transaction was canceled on GameStop end not there's I tried explaining this to customer services and after repeately asking to speak with a supervisor I finally got a reply from one and he said that they tried to authorize my order but after 7 days they cancel it which simply isn't true because my order got cancel 19 min after placing it for no reason whatsoever which I can show you if needed all of them between me and customer service I just want this situation addressed and for the items I order mad available to me please please help me thanks

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