Important Note – The word “Like” in the following is presented in blue… This – Akio Toyoda email address

Leon sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation that said:

Important Note - The word "Like" in the following is presented in blue... This is close to the facebook blue 'like'...
I wish to send you a hard copy withe color and font right and will so if you send me your best mail address.
Thank you.

Hi People, My address has changed-
31 Rubicon Crescent, Kuraby, Brisbane QLD 4101 Australia.

I am offering for sale the following intellectual property...

I, Like Toyota Tuff.
I, Like Toyota tough. (This is my favorite)
I, Like - Toyota Tuff!
I, Like - Toyota Tuff.
I - Like Toyota Tuff.

I’m Like Toyota Tuff.
I’m Like Toyota Tough!
I’m Like - Toyota Tuff.

The above intellectual property is for sale and I will consider offers above $50,000AUD for the acquisition and outright ownership rights.
If the Toyota company wants to buy these assets please have your legal team write up binding documentation and email them to me in pdf format for my account to view.
When we have an agreement on the purchase, the money can be made payable to Leon F A Sutton

My own branding Yeah, Ya Do!is also up for sale.


Yeah, Ya Do!

If you have enough room in the budget I can come and work for you anywhere in the world.



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