In addition to being a packaging distributor, I’m also a developer of unique retail products – Inge G Thulin email address

Bob sent a message to Inge G. Thulin – Chief Executive Officer and President of 3M Company – Email Address that said:

In addition to being a packaging distributor, I'm also a developer of unique retail products for the pet industry. I am working on a concept that could be worth several millions of dollars of tape annually. This would represent a switch from polyethylene so it is a "new" market for tape. It would require a custom dispenser and tape roll put-ups as this is a consumer market. The current poly market for the product is approximately $300 million annually and I think we can capture 5% of the market, perhaps more over time.

The concept should be patentable, at least how we mate the dispenser and consumable together. The concept is very suited to informercial marketing.

I'm interested in discussing this opportunity with someone at 3M because of your expertise creating dispensers and working with patent development. I'll be attending Pack Expo in Chicago in 2 weeks if convenient. Obviously an NDA would be required before discussing the details.

On a side note, I've discussed this under NDA with a couple executives from large corporations regarding working together to develop this. Both were interested but wanted me to create a working prototype first. They do see the market potential, but Im looking for someone to help with the early stages.

If you want an idea of my creativity, view Great product, but too expensive to market properly at a reasonable consumer price. I have a couple other products. One is taking off successfully and two are almost ready to launch. But the new product with the tape has the most potential for big revenue / profit margin.

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