In all my years as a customer of TJX, Marshall\'s and Homegoods (I recently even – Carol Meyrowitz email address

Anna Holland sent a message to Carol Meyrowitz President and CEO, TJX Companies, Inc. - email address that said:

In all my years as a customer of TJX, Marshalls and Homegoods (I recently even got your credit card) I have never felt the need to address this company until now. I am completely distressed to hear that you will not continue to carry the Ivanka Trump line. In all the years that she has been present in the public eye, she has been a woman who has presented herself with class, dignity, beauty and style. Her product line does the same. Ivanka Trump is an outstanding role model for women in a age where very few role models exist. She is a wife, a mother, a business owner and most importantly, a woman who works. If I were to close my account it would be a gesture that would signify that I would lower myself to your way of thinking and actions. In all the years that I and my family have shopped in your store and which I have had insisted my daughter shop in, I can honestly say I appreciate your store and all that it has to offer. Your store is fairly new to the area I recently moved to and it is such a benefit to our community, however I now will reconsider shopping there and look to other venues, that is how disturbing your actions of not carrying her product line this is to me. While I have not purchased many Ivanka Trumps items, it is now my duty to support this cause and I will also consider shopping elsewhere where as before I would have stopped at a TJ Maxx first. I end this note as a college graduate, registered independent voter, working woman and consumer of your establishment for many years. Going forward you will most definitely be seeing less of me. This is truly a shame. May all those who tweeted actually have been customers of yours and not internet ether.

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