In May of 2012, I purchased a brand new FLHTK from Woodstock HD in Woodstock – Matthew S Levatich email address

John Diskin sent a message to Matthew S. Levatich - President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. - Email Address that said:

In May of 2012, I purchased a brand new FLHTK from Woodstock HD in Woodstock, IL. It was the first, and now the LAST Harley Davidson I will ever purchase. It should also be noted that when I purchased my motorcycle, I purchased the extended warranty, and the PCMP (which I followed for EVERY service when it was due). The ONLY place my bike was EVER serviced was at Woodstock HD.
It started out last week Thursday. With just over 11,000 miles on the bike, I went out for the day. It was in the 90s, much like Im sure the weather was in Milwaukee. After being out for a few hours, I took a break for lunch and some shade. I had noticed my oil pressure gauge fluctuating from low to high and everywhere in between just prior to stopping. I had just recently had an oil change and wondered if the oil level had dropped (checking it once the bike was cool, the level was fine). I had to have the voltage regulator replaced at the same service. There was also a strange noise (like something metallic bouncing around) coming from the engine.
I had a friend follow me back to my home to make sure I got there.
The following morning (Friday), I got on the bike and rode up to Woodstock and went straight to the service department. I wanted to have the brake system flushed, the front brakes serviced and the oil pressure issue looked into. When I told the service writer about the oil pressure, he said it wasnt unheard of given the temperature, but when I mentioned the noise from the crankcase, he told me it would be given a going over to insure all was well.
This morning (Tuesday the 26th) I received a call from service and was informed that the bike needed a new oil pump and cam plate. I was told I could have the OEM parts installed or upgrade to the Screamin Eagle at an upcharge of just over $200. The bill for the service was in the area of $1600!
I was floored! I laid out almost $28,000 when I purchased the bike and now, 5 years later, low mileage, and serviced religiously… the oil pump goes out a year AFTER the extended warranty expired. Ive driven cars over 200,000 miles and never replaced an oil pump. I rode a Honda Shadow over 20,000 miles and never had a problem! But I buy a Harley and in the space of 2 months the voltage regulator and now the oil pump puke? What kind of crap motors are you selling? No WONDER warranty plans are pushed at purchase.
You guys should really come up with a manufacturer power train warranty. I looked up the price of an SS oil pump and cam plate just for laughs… $375.00 for BOTH from JP Cycle. Ill get my bike back, put it in the garage, and get rid of it as soon as I can. Ill go buy an Indian ( I just read they have a LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY). Or another Jap bike…
I am thoroughly disgusted. I believed the hype about Harley being a great bike… No longer. HD? Hundreds of dollars… in repair bills!

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