Investment Request for Acquisition of a company by Life Automated LLC I, Greg – Daymond John email address

Greg sent a message to Daymond John – Founder, President, and CEO, FUBU – Email Address that said:

Investment Request for Acquisition of a company by “Life Automated LLC”

I, Greg sole owner of Life Automated LLC, am seeking a total of $10M to acquire a company similar to mine. Rates and terms are negotiable and partial investments are welcome.

Life Automated LLC is based in Lubbock, TX, serves West Texas and New Mexico, and specializes in Luxury Home Automation, Audio/Video, Home Theater, and Security. I plan to acquire the company and build on the already profitable, lower-end volume business that accounts for the majority of Builder Security Group, Inc.’s revenue by targeting the luxury home market, using networks, products, services and the business structure that Life Automated LLC has in place.

The company to acquire provides security and monitoring products, audio and visual equipment for home theater systems, wiring for new homeowners and alarm monitoring services. Serves homebuilders and homeowners in the San Antonio (headquarters) and Austin (branch) areas. The owner is seeking a full sale of the company in order to spend more time with family.

- Experienced management team with strong customer service skills, currently 84 employees

- Key partnerships with large, recognized homebuilders and homeowners

- Currently over 3,400 alarm monitoring contracts in place

- 550+ homes pre-wired in June 2016

- Wires 300-400 new homes in the San Antonio area each month

- Wires 150-200 new homes in the Austin area each month

- Adds 60-100 new alarm monitoring customers per month

Revenue growth amounting to a compound annual rate of 13.4% from 2012 to 2015.

I, Greg , hereby attest that all information provided is verified and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Further documentation and financials are available upon request.

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