It\'s sad I see your coming back to Sonic. My Grandaughter\'s love Sonic, but – Clifford Hudson email address

Robert Fallona sent a message to J. Clifford Hudson Chairman and CEO, Sonic Corp. - email address that said:

Its sad I see your coming back to Sonic. My Grandaughters love Sonic, but cant seem to get anything at the location 950 E 120th Ave
Northglenn, CO. 4 times in the last month we have had to leave without eating. The mgr owner have no clue on how to run a Sonic. Most of the time either the order system is down or they are out of product. All they do is explain to people why they cant get anything today! What?? And when I go to Sonic it has a button contact us, but you cant. I put in my zip code or state nothing - just like your location. I would suggest you check out Bar Rescue or Undercover Boss fix your store your web site.

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