I’ve been a customer of Sprint/Nextel since 1998 with the same telephone number- Marcelo Claure email address

Risa sent a message to Marcelo Claure- the chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation- email address that said:

I’ve been a customer of Sprint/Nextel since 1998 with the same telephone number . That’s 18 years. My loyalty is unquestionable. Lately, Sprint hasn’t reciprocated the same loyalty. February 3, 2015. I responded to an offer sent through the mail. I added an additional telephone and tablet to my account. This was added for my brother. On July 25 these items were stolen while he was moving. When he notified me at 2:00 AM I called Sprint the next morning to report the lost. Since July I have been financially responsible for three devices although I only have one. (my phone). I was told I could get another phone however I didn’t have insurance on the tablet. THAT IS LUDICIOUS! I have always had insurance on my phone. If there was no insurance on my tablet it was the responsibility of the customer service representative. I declined it! THEY NEVER OFFERED IT TO ME. My phone bill is $200 + monthly for one device. This has caused me a financial hardship. I literally struggle to pay this bill. I have friends whose Sprint bill is literally $50 monthly. I feel bamboozled and betrayed. I have called several times seeking assistance to no avail. Finally on June 4, 2016 I spoke with the best supervisor in the company. She lowered my plan to my original $89.00 monthly. I was extremely grateful however I am still stuck with a $500 + bill until August, $244 which is due immediately. My telephone services were suspended today. Can you restore my service and help me resolve this issue.
Thank You

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