I’ve been a long term Kohl’s customer and enjoy the benefits of a Kohl’s card – Kevin Mansell email address

Holly sent a message to Kevin Mansell – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kohl’s Corporation – Email Address that said:

I've been a long term Kohls customer and enjoy the benefits of a Kohl's card. I recently placed a purchase as a gift but was triple billed for it. No one I've contacted to rectify the matter has even the slightest sense of urgency and can only tell me it will take up to four weeks to fix. It's already been six weeks since I notified customer service of the issue and still today I was told 4 weeks... sigh. The people on the phone agree it's obvious what happened but have no interest or knowledge in how to resolve this. I'm afraid my next step is to walk away from the account and Kohl's but I would prefer not to. I would really prefer we just correct the problem. Thanks for your time.

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