James Dolan – Dear Mr. Dexter Goei I have had suddenlink services for a while now my relationship

Evelyn Jose sent a message to James Dolan that said:

Dear Mr. Dexter Goei

I have had suddenlink services for a while now my relationship began when a sales rep came to my home on the promise that my new services would be a promotional bundle package at the cost of 69.99, indeed that was not the case after I informed suddenlink there must be a mistake and paying 200 plus for awhile I went to the local office spoke with a supervisor for an hour and 45 minutes just to receive the next bill at a different price then what we discussed it has been lie after lie now the most important is my phone line I was getting to many Robo and terrible calls from people popping in on my phone which the number isn't given out cause it is connected to medical equipment after they changed my number it did not work I have called several times and was promised a tech to come out which never showed up lied and said that no one here I called was told someone would be here again now I called to verify my 8-11 am appointment today 1/25/20 and was told no one would be here until the 30th another lie told to me.. is this how the suddenlink company is ran with discrete false information and conning customers if a technical personnel can not honor the appointments customer service lies about prices and about what a customer suppose to get on the service plan they thought they suppose to have a problem exist. my medical equipment has been disconnect from a phone line now for almost two weeks this equipment is to save my life if needed. this is not acceptable. as of Monday I will be filing a formal complaint and lawsuit against your company, you being CEO are not aware of what your customer go through and how bad some of your customer service personnel treat your customers then maybe it is time for you to go into the field unannounced to find out. as this customer I am totally unsatisfied,

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