James Dolan – Dear Mr. Goei, I have been a loyal customer of optimum and before that, Cablevision

Bronwyn Quillen sent a message to James Dolan that said:

Dear Mr. Goei,
I have been a loyal customer of
optimum and before that, Cablevision. I wish to express my extreme disappointment at Optimum's outsourcing of customer service to countries other than the US where hold times are over two hours, customer service representatives only speak rudimentary English and it is very hard to hear them in the busy call center and understand their accents.
Before this recent outsourcing, Optimum's customer service was second to none. If I had a technical issue I could reach help immediately. Technical problems could almost always be diagnosed remotely and fixed. If a technician needed to come to my house it always happened within hours or the next day.
This past month I had a phone, internet and TV outage for two days and two nights. An automated voice told me hold times were over two hours and that I would get a call back. When I finally did I was instructed to fiddle around with various wires. When nothing was working I was told the agent had to check something with me NOT being on the phone and would call me back within 15 minutes. Two hours later I called customer service again. Again, I was told to wait up to two hours for an agent to call me back. This agent was finally able to get a technician to come to my house many hours later. The technician arrived to say it was a neighborhood outage and would have to be handled by a different team that could not come until the next day. Had the first agent diagnosed the problem as being neighborhood wide, we could have gotten help in a timely fashion.
This lack of proper customer service was so egregious, especially as compared to how Optimum used to be, that I am now considering what other options I have to change cable companies. Upon calling customer service recently again, I was offered an $11 refund for two days that my business could not operate and two days of waiting on the phone for customer service.
If you cannot do better you will be losing hoards of customers.
Yours sincerely,
Bronwyn Quillen

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