James Dolan – For more than a month have tried to get someone to come out to take

Gary Lindemann sent a message to James Dolan that said:

For more than a month have tried to get someone to come out to take care of cable vision running along the street. What appears to be a splice and firmly covered in a plastic cover is coming apart. I can see individual wires in the bundle, the plastic is hanging in tatters. There are pieces that have fallen to the ground. I have called 3 different time to get someone to come out and deal with this. The first 2 times was thanks but no one showed up. The last time yesterday they gave me an appointment for August 23. I don't need to scheduled a repair man you need to. Becoming frustrated that no one will come sooner to fix this I asked to speak to a Supervisor. Was told that no Supervisor could talk to me that day but they would respond in 24 to 72 hours. Today I called again asked to speak to Supervisor and actually got one who was not helpful at all. Told me I have a person coming the 23. When I voiced my concern that since this problem has been on going for more than a month I could loose my service. he assured me if that happens Cable vision will fix it. Nothing would be done until the 23 so I would be screwed because of the poor way this whole thing has been handled.
If this could not impact me I would have stopped trying to get Cable vision to fix this. I doubt other customers would have bothered either. The only way Cable vision would know of the problem is when the wires would fail and you would have a number of irate customers in your hands. This whole episode shows poorly on you and your company. The fact that the only way I have been able to reach you is because I searched the web for some way. Maybe it is time for you personally to check out how your company is operating. There are some serious problems when I have to fight to get you to repair your own equipment before something fails.

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