James Dolan – I am contacting you because after 3 months of trying to get multiple problems resolved

Margaret Fallon sent a message to James Dolan that said:

I am contacting you because after 3 months of trying to get multiple problems resolved all I have experienced is "customer service" people disconnecting my phone call after 30 minutes of being told they are trying to handle the problem (none of which are complicated) or promising me that a supervisor would definitely call me back. That promise was made several times last month but I haven't received a call back. I was just on the phone for 30 minutes again trying to resolve an issue and was again disconnected. The person asked for my phone number at the beginning so why hasn't she called me back. We have been Optimum customers for over 18 years but since Altice took over the service has definitely gotten worse. When we had the 5 1/2 days of outage with Isaias I was sent 3 texts messages that my service had been restored when it hadn't been. I called "customer service" twice and the first time I was told the service would be restored that day. It wasn't. When I called the next day the "customer service" person told me that the other person lied to me and they had no information about when any service would be restored. Customer service for your company is an oxymoron. Unfortunately we are hostage to your company because your service is the only one available. For ransom, our rates keep going up as the service goes down. Last year I was paying $50 less a month. On 7/20 I was told by one of your customer service people that she could reduce our bill from $204.62 to $183.63. I agreed but that never happened. I had another problem in August when I changed my Optimum email password and I couldn't get into the email on my iPhone. That time I was told by tech support that the company doesn't have technical support for Apple products. REALLY. Thirty minutes later still waiting for "customer service" to call me back. My question to you is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT YOUR INCREDIBLY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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