James Dolan – I am having a very bad time with customer service and need you to ask

Richard Waksman sent a message to James Dolan that said:

I am having a very bad time with customer service and need you to ask you to assign someone responsible to help solve it. I have a broken cable box. After many hours with customer service, one rep agreed to mail me a new box and that is in process. She also sent me an e-mail to allow me to print out a Fed Ex mailing label and was supposed to have the phone number to call for the Fed Ex pickup. For some reason when I submit the form she sent I get an error message saying "there is an issue, contact customer service." I have tried is 6-7 times to no avail. Also, there was no such phone number sent. I again had several calls with customer service and no one there knows how to get passed this problem or how to otherwise send me the mailing label. If this is a difficult problem for the company, I'm sure you can find a way to print out the mailing label in your office and mail it to me via the post office. At last resort, either send an employee to pick it up or just release me of the obligation to return a 15 year old broken cable box. Thank you.

There is a second, unrelated issue, that is giving your company a bad reputation for service. Every phone number I have been give to call requires me to spend 15-20 minutes going through automated diagnostics with various rebooting and unplugging of wires before I can get to speak with a human. Since I have called at least ten times in the past several days, this is an awful waste of time. If this is the only way to communicate with customer service, that is a terrible practice for your company and will cost you customers. If there is a phone number that will allow me to speak to a rep without going through all of that, please tell me what it is and I recommend you send a notice to your reps reminding them that such a number does exist. Thank you.

Richard Waksman 1-914-747-0281

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