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James Dolan – Mr. Goei: My hope is that this email finds its way to you. I am

Janet Jones sent a message to James Dolan that said:

Mr. Goei:

My hope is that this email finds its way to you. I am a Suddenlink customer in Princeton, WV, and have been for over 34 years.

I terminated my cable service in the spring due to signal problems without resolution.

Now I am enduring the same problems with my INTERNET service having had two visits by technicians over the past several months with no resolution to my problem.

I am a senior citizen and work remotely. Several days this past week, I was unable to log in at the appropriate time. Imagine if that happened to you at this late stage in life.

I am livid and don't know where to turn. Another technician is scheduled to arrive here on Wednesday. I have no confidence that he will resolve my issue. No one at Suddenlink really cares anymore.

I have considered contacting the Better Business Bureau, Governor Justice's office, or our attorney general, anyone who will listen.

I will not go away. This is now a matter of principal with me, and you will hear my name again. I promise.

Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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