James L Robo – July 29, 2018 Dear FPL, On September 10, 2017, my family?s home caught fire and

Debbie Shefner sent a message to James L Robo that said:

July 29, 2018

Dear FPL,
On September 10, 2017, my family’s home caught fire and burned to the ground. We lived here for over 25 years. We raised our children here. Celebrated birthday parties, holiday parties, graduations. Almost everything we owned and cherished was in this house. Everything was destroyed. Miraculously, no one was home. No one died or was injured, and for that we are truly grateful. The fire fighters did their best to save the house, but that wasn’t possible.
The cause was a broken power line. Since that time, I have been contacted by many lawyers wanting to assist me with a lawsuit against FPL. I’ve thought about it many times and from previous experience know that the only ones that truly benefit are the attorneys.
So I’ve decided to reach out to you directly, hopefully not in vain.
I did have insurance that covered some of the loss. But it was not enough to cover a rebuild on that property. What I’m asking for is assistance with the balance of the rebuild cost. I have a quote that the insurance company provided, that includes two prices. One price is without city code upgrades ($739,214) and one with upgrades ($806,990.) Of course the city will require the upgrades, so not sure why they even bothered with the other. The difference that is needed for the rebuild is $131,990.
I know most people would think I’m crazy for even trying to do this. (By the way I haven’t even told my family I’m reaching out to you.) I just thought it made sense for us both to try to reconcile this on our own. I am truly hopeful this will reach the right person with the right heart.

Debbie Shefner/Van Horn
1000 Harrison Street
Hollywood, FL 33019

Temp Address
2703 Fillmore Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

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