James Robo – Good Afternoon, I am the owner of 10 properties in Broward County, FL. These properties

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Good Afternoon, I am the owner of 10 properties in Broward County, FL. These properties are served by FPL. I am in the process of remodeling six (6) of the properties. Each time that I try to turn power in, there have been many issues that have made the process very problematical and nightmarish. I now may have service turned on, but it is still problematical. During my first and second turn on, I was denied the right to have a power account for properties that I own. It was so bad that I almost had to write a lease for a "tenant" to turn the power on. But I did not due that. I persevered until the power was turned on in my name. Please contact me so that FPL may streamline its new account, power turn on process and not deny accounts to good paying customers. I often pay for two (2) months, the current invoice and a guestimated second month amount in advance. Yet I have gotten flack and denial by FPL's incompetent and officious Customer Service Representatives. The latest one was today when I was told that the turn on address was not correct?? Since I have owned the building since 1976, pay taxes on it, pay the water utility bill for it, I ought to know its address. By the way, I was told that the City and that the USPS have the right address. They do. But it is not the address that the Customer Service Representative stated. FPL's use of Equifax has also caused me a problem in the past. Their records contain incorrect and hacked information. I have been offered a settlement from Equifax prior to trying to turn on power at my properties. FPL, which is a good thing and cost saving, sends more that one power invoice in an envelope. Do you think that I may have my accounts in one name? No the new accounts have to be in the name that Equifax states my name is. So much for the cost savings by FPL has initiated by sending more than one invoice in an envelope. That's enough of my ranting, but as you can see I am very frustrated by FPL's power turn on services and FPL's supposed Customer SERVICE Representatives.

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