James Robo – Good Day, Mr. Robo: We are offering your company a License to our Patent Pending

Allan Sanford sent a message to James Robo that said:

Good Day, Mr. Robo:

We are offering your company a License to our Patent Pending revolutionary generator that uses Magneto Hydro Dynamics (MHD), a scientifically proven method using permanent rare earth magnets. There is no fuel involved. The system converts magnetic energy into kinetic energy which does the work of generating the electricity.

These magnets lose only 1% of their strength every 10 years. Our generator is not a perpetual motion machine. The “fuel” that runs the system is the magnetic field created by the magnets. Every part of our device is scientifically proven and are in use worldwide in various applications. Our patent covers the unique way in which we have put these pieces together.

We have made licensing our MHD technology almost risk-free by pricing a 5-year nonexclusive license at US$50,000. What is included in the Agreement is your freedom to engineer changes to the system that suit your needs. These changes cannot be made to the core MHD technology, as defined in the patent, though with our compliance, changes will be able to be made to fit your application.

The annual licensing fee for the use of our MHD generator technology will be open to negotiation.

To start the process, please sign a mutual NDA, yours or ours, and upon receipt of this we will send you information on the technology which will be enough for your engineers to evaluate it. Certain portions of it will be deleted and will be made available if you choose to license our technology.

We look forward to hearing back from you with any questions you may have and hope to be working with you soon.

Kind Regards,

Allan Sanford

Allan Sanford / CEO



Ph: 407 795 0392

MHD Technology Corporation

4767 New Broad Street

Orlando, Florida 32814


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