January 27 , 2017 Dear Mr. Akio Toyoda , First of all , forgive me for being so bold – Akio Toyoda email address

RAMONITO EDGAR HONORIDEZ sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation - email address that said:

January 27 , 2017

Dear Mr. Akio Toyoda ,

First of all , forgive me for being so bold in writing you this letter . I truly understand that I have no right to ask from you anything nor do you have any responsibility to entertain and help me for whatever problem I do have .

To be honest Im a Christian and a Filipino . I have read some publications about you , of how fair minded you are , your generosity and being a sincere man you are . Due to my desperation to save my family and my business , I decided to write you this letter , hoping that you could help me in this misfortune that has happened to me and my family .

I am a businessman , we own STALWART SECURITY AND UTILITY SERVICES here in the Philippines , this is previously organized owned by my father , I am the second generation in this family business . Though our business was not big but it was doing well . I began sharing my blessings irresponsibly , I do not put so much malice to anyone of whom I help , I just wanted to help those whom I feel needed my help . Some of those people whom I help were also the ones who brought me down . I lost my biggest client whom we had served since 1977 ; last September 2015 ; and from then on it was like a domino effect one misfortune to another , until I could no longer renew our license due to the lack of finances . More and more problems are continuing to pile-up until now .

I am the only child , I have one wife and three sons . At times , I blame myself of being so over-zealous of helping other people , because whenever other people needed my help , I was always willing to help ; but when I was down and needed their help , nobody was there willing to help me and my family ; we suffer discrimination whenever we ask for help , most especially to those whom we had helped before .

All I ever wanted was to get another chance and save our business . To continue and fulfil my responsibility being a father and a good husband . To have another shot at life and to fulfil the dreams of my family .

I really need help ; I know that I am not a Japanese , and you have no obligation to help me ; but somehow theres no harm in trying .

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter .

Sincerely yours ,

January 27, 2017

Dear Mr. Akio Toyoda ,

Kindly take note that I am not demanding any amount . If you will help me , any amount or kind would be deeply appreciated .

Thank you for your time .

Sincerely yours ,


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