January 3, 2018Via Email: myclaim@farmersinsurance.comDeborah BrownSenior Field Claims RepresentativeFarmers Insurance P.O. Box 268994Oklahoma – Jeff Dailey email address

San Juana Gonzales sent a message to Jeff Dailey Chief Executive Officer of Farmers Group, Inc. Email Address that said:

January 3, 2018

Via Email: myclaim@farmersinsurance.com

Deborah Brown
Senior Field Claims Representative
Farmers Insurance
P.O. Box 268994
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
Claim #5004431387-1
Dear Ms. Brown,
Please accept this letter as my official request for your department to review my claim again. Or as official appeal to the denial of my policy to cover the damage roof on my home.
On July 2012, I submitted a claim and the adjuster determined the cost to repair my roof was over/around $6,000. However, the insurance send me a check for $1,000. At that time I called back farmers and informed them that I couldnt get a contractor to do the job because I needed to upfront at least half of the cost of the job. I didnt have the additional $2,000 to cover the cost. I was told by farmers that after the job was completed they will release the rest of the funds. I insisted through a couple of phone calls and plead to your agency, to no avail.
I ended up buying few materials and patching the roof with the $1,000. I did what I could with was I given by Farmers. Now, 5 years later, Farmers is denying my claim stating that they paid in 2012. Farmers cant expect to see a new roof in my house because they didnt invest on a new roof. They invested $1,000 not $6,000. I am a single parent, I live paycheck by paycheck and I dont have funds to replace the roof at this time. I urged you to re-evaluate the events and consider that I been your customer for the past 25 years and please honor the policy.

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