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Bill Thomas sent a message to Jeff Dailey Chief Executive Officer of Farmers Group, Inc. Email Address that said:


Looking for your assistance in helping your Farmers Agents in obtaining new and existing agencies. Over the past 6 years I have helped more than 400 Allstate agents in securing new and existing agencies with the Self Directed 401k. I would like to do the same for Farmers Insurance.

The Self Directed 401(k), which provides individuals the ability to capitalize their business with qualified retirement funds (401(k), IRA, 403b, and other pension plans), and at the same time creates an excellent tax, business and retirement planning tool.

Please keep in mind, Directed Equitys Business Capitalization Program allows you to fund your business with retirement funds without taxes or penalties and provides for terrific business, tax, and retirement planning strategies. You can fund the business entirely or use the dollars as the cash injection with a loan.

The challenge I have run into is the Farmers contract, that only allows for stock to be made out to the actual agent. When taking advantage of the Self Directed 401k program, stock is issued to the retirement plan, but the agent is the beneficiary of the stock. As the beneficiary, the agent controls all the voting rights of the stock.

Last year your legal department sent me to Agencies Services Department. Unfortunately they were no help and were not willing to take the time to understand the true control of the stock.

Our founder, Mark Challis and I will be in Los Angeles starting the afternoon of Thursday, November 2nd and all day on Friday, November 3rd. Would it be possible to meet with someone on your staff to discuss the program and how it can help Farmers Insurance grow new agencies. Look forward to hearing from you.


Bill Thomas
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Directed Equity
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