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Good Morning-I am sorry to be a bother, I live in Massachusetts. A week ago my full finished basement had taken on water from a blocked storm drain in the street (8"water) the storm drain was blocked because of construction on the main road. I called my insurance company which is now Farmers and explained my situation. I was given a claim number and they dispatched a restoration/demo team to my house the next day. The demo team cut all my walls 24" from the bottom rip all carpeting out. Place everything that was good on a large moving truck to a storage area. Had 2 dumpsters place on my lawn and filled. Several storage cabinets thrown out, bathroom vanity - Pergo flooring ripped up and tossed and much more was thrown out. All was going well till your company called the contractor 2 days later and told them I now I was not covered. My basement is a disaster-when I called your company and spoke with the manager, and asked him what was happening. His response was you don't have coverage and consider what we did already a favor. My personal stuff is somewhere in storage, I never heard of such a company to just leave a client in this situation. So I am asking for your help. My downstairs was occupied by my daughter who has 3 children and is basically homeless and going through a divorce. I know you don't need to hear all this from someone on the other coast, Please get back to me. Thank you

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