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John Crochet sent a message to Jeff Dailey that said:

Mr. Dailey, Realizing you are busy, I thought you might want to read my final email to one of your GA's with Foremost, Mr. Eldon Lewis. Iif you care and want to more of the story I would appreciate to opportunity to discuss this small claim with you and the travesty of your team that handled it. Her is the last email sent by me.

Mr. Lewis,
So, which is it? Your first comment “If Richard would like to copy me on any correspondence that he has sent to Denise I would be more than happy to review it.” Or the second and ending sentence to your correspondence “There is no additional action to be taken on our part regarding your request for additional money to be paid on this claim.” Unbelievable!!

For the record: Richard Spreeman has forgotten more than Denise Bain will ever know about insurance and the claims process and procedures. Mr. Spreeman is licensed and certified in more areas than MS. Bain knows exist. She has zero credentials, but you say she is competent. He is a man of integrity and morals, traits that Farmers and their associates lack any understanding of.

You know Mr. Spreeman was having a great deal of trouble working with MS Bain. He had to send a complaint to you so that you could instruct her on how the process works. Read your emails. That in of itself is a travesty. Insinuating that Mr. Spreeman is incompetent because he worked with MS. Bain to reach an agreement is an insult. After a long agonizing process, he had her agree verbally to pay the 10% and 10% P&O, he consulted with us on this, and then notified her to submit the agreement. Being a professional and having integrity he assumed she would as well and follow through as promised. Unfortunately, he did not carefully check her calculations before signing. A mistake yes, incompetent, NO.

You and Farmers are no better than she is, by not following up on this legitimate complaint of her immoral, unethical actions, you are endorsing this behavior and misrepresentation. She refuses to acknowledge his request to address this and you are fine with this conduct. Shame on you and Shame on Farmers.

This conduct is what Farmers has displayed from the origination of this claim. The claim in my opinion has been breached at every turn. To this day no one with a license of any kind has set foot on the property.

Shame on you as well for insinuating that we are requesting additional money, it is NOT additional money, it is money owed and promised, but you apparently need it more than we do. Carma will arrive soon sir.

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