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Mr. Jeff Dailey... It is to my biggest disappointment on a matter that has come up with your insurance company and I believe that I am getting absolutely no where and can only turn to you in hopes that you can point your staff in the right direction. I am a Sr. Residential Loan Officer that has been in this industry for residential loans over 15+ years and have originated over 3000+ first time clients who have become multiple repeat borrowers. I receive about 4680 new leads/referrals per year and at least speak to about 1936 of them which is probably a very conservative number. I also work as one of the top loan officers out of 72 other loan officers in my company who have been witness to my issues with your claims department and would like to get some sort of solution in regards to a claim I have filed as am getting no assistance or very little help with the payout of my claim. To sum it all up I have a home owners policy with 2 autos and was about to add a 3rd but also have a supplemental policy covering "Unmatched Materials" up to $10,000 which is what is in question. There has been two adjusters come to the property and 3 managers that have now been involved with a 4th to come as I am waiting on a call back from Martin Snead's boss. Wind and hail issue caused damage to my siding and I had 4 contractors come out to give bids of which no less than 27K to fix the issues properly. Farmers is trying to "repair" the project but the siding that was in place was old and discontinued. The adjuster stated that they found something that "might work" and the lab test showed that it was not a match, it was discontinued, but also a different was a different that what was on my home. I have a supplemental policy for this particular reason and have been paying for it over the last couple years but they will not pay out on it because they think what they can put up is "good enough". The lab test states it isn't a match and my current was discontinued so anything else is an unmatched material. They put the new siding that "would work" up and it was two shades darker than the one on the home causing the siding to look like a quilt. I am trying to put my home on the market and will have to disclose to the sellers the differences which is going to hurt the value of my sale costing me even more money. Marvin and David  are the managers of the adjusters and are refusing to credit any costs from this up to 10k policy with unmatched materials. I am now having to waste time going up the chain of command and am awaiting a phone call from them as this has been on going for about two months now. I have been mislead, lied too, and let down to say the least with your company. I can no longer give any praise or referrals to your company which will have an impact to every home owner that I come across on a daily basis. We are a top 10 VA lender nation wide and work in all 52 states. I produce over 40+ million in loan volume every year which could turn into many referrals but can no longer do that if I don't get some help. I am not asking for the siding project to be paid for due to the storm, all I am asking is for the help with the supplemental policy that I have paid for and was sold on. I have given other options to make me a happy customer but everything has come to a conclusion and I am only being offered $1006.71 for a project that I have now paid for that was over 30K. With their solution I lose my no claim benefit, have it on my record for underwriters to analyze and increase my rates, and do not get any benefit to help pay for the damages to my home. That is a lose-lose for me and I am not happy. I will be contacting my attorney, the attorney general, and all media avenues on social network to make sure no one has to deal with this again as it is unjust. I feel as I have been completely mislead to the insurance that I was promised as they are making their conclusions on underwriter discretion so that they can bonus out. I am familiar with insurance compensation being in the same base industry and do know a lot of agents in the local area and nationwide. My wife even worked for Farmers which is how I was paired with the company so I ask for your assistance. I know you have important things to do but how you might react or assist will really tell me what company I am insured with. Please let me know if you need anything on my end to support the information that I am asking you help with or please point me in the right direction to someone that would and will assist as I do not want to go down any further avenues so that I can focus on my tasks at hand.



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