@jeffdaile57 – Jeff Dailey – Sir, I am soory to have to bother you with such a petty problem. My

Robert Duchene sent a message to Jeff Dailey that said:

Sir, I am soory to have to bother you with such a petty problem.
My roof was damaged due to a tornado on Aug. 9th, I reported it immediately for a quick response.
My agent STILL has not call me back directly. They sent a THIRD party adjuster who had NO association with your company or authority to make a decision.
I have been given nothing but grief and run around, that I had to do, and basically dismissed. My contractor gave an estimate of damages that barely exceeded $10,000 for all repairs, and the only thing that your "professional" people could judge my damages by were a couple 2-D picture and a bogus "third party" documentation. By the way, this is all taking place with communications from Illinois to Michigan.
my claim #7001657816-1.
Caleb Rivera is the 2nd person assigned to me, his supervisor, Michael Chapman has not contacted me back, and now after a month and a half, Caleb said he would try to work directly with my contractor....really...from Michigan. I have had multiple people tell me that I need full roof replacement, and they are trying to replace only half. I have been a LOYAL Farmers Customer for 40+ years, and they are giving me SO MUCH GREIF over such a needed claim. Most of my neighbors have already had their complete roofs replaced already, and now we are going into the winter months, with a big temporary patch still on my roof....that also caused internal bedroom ceiling damage.
Please Sir, can you help me cut through this stalling, and help me resolve this issue, and restore my faith and trust in your company. Thank you for your understanding and help if you can.
Bob Duchene (815)355-4112

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