Jeffrey Lorberbaum – This is a multi- billion dollar company and they can not even assist a single

alison B wahl sent a message to Jeffrey Lorberbaum that said:

This is a multi- billion dollar company and they can not even assist a single buyer or care about customer satisfaction.
Horrible. A big commercial giant not interested in their customers.

Jeffrey Lorberbaum (Chairman & CEO)
In the previous Fortune 500 list, Unum ranked 279th. Mohawk Industries, the world's biggest floorcovering manufacturer based in Calhoun, Ga., grew its revenues last year by 3.5 percent to $8.1 billion. ... In 2014, Fortune ranked Mohawk No. 362 on its list of the 500 biggest companies.

The WORST ever. The laminate floor product had at over a dozen defective slates. Many had chips or had a watermark on them so that they could not be used.

The product is So LATE and is now scheduled to arrived in 3 different orders. The last part of the order is taking over 1 month to receive while the other parts of the product have already arrived and are sitting in a pile inside my home. No work can be completed as the final parts are MISSING. I was told the product order has NOT even been put in production after 3 weeks of waiting. My home is torn apart, contractor has another job, and I am left hanging with my house in disarray.

The response from Mohawk industry, "Justin" rep out of Oregon,: " sorry, someone dropped the ball".

HORRIBLE SERVICE and no compensation due to lack of professionalism.

Our Mohawk Rep in Oregon is named Justin. He says he is Unable to assist me and is sorry, but it is out of his hands. He says he is not responsible and never promised a product in a timely manner.

I now have to hire another contractor at an additional fee. My contractor has another job and I wanted him to be able to complete as his work is good.
Direct Flooring, Bend, Oregon,
assist manager, "Lance", stated Direct Flooring would pay for another contractor, but I have yet to see this happen.

I need my product now. Part of the work is complete and it is dangerous to leave this in half finished measures for 3 weeks or more, and no contractor.

Can you assist me please?


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