Inclusive message is in relation to the US Bank – located in Burnsville, Minnesota; whose, – Richard K Davis email address

JENNIFER  sent a message to Richard K. Davis – Chairman of U.S. BanCorp – Email Address that said:

Inclusive message is in relation to the US Bank - located in Burnsville, Minnesota; whose, suspicious female customers; the Sales and Service Manager: Ms. Brown; wished to overlook on 12/20/2016; at 11:30 am CT; as contributing to a potential Bank Robbery at US Bank

The surveillance camera at the location of the US Bank  will provide a view of two and even three suspects; whom, were facilitating the coinage machine at the time of 11:30 am CT on Tuesday; 12/20/2016.

This was suspicious activity and worth noting due to the event of Bank Robbery colloquially being acknowledged by persons and business(s) outside of the US Bank

Secondly; the event of distributed knowledge proved itself in a viem witness; an employee whose name is 'Merrilynn'-a 65 aged white female with grey hair and whose height is approximately 56".

Thirdly, a vehicle 680 WDJ White Dodge Durango 4-Door; communicated as the 'doge' vehicle by the Black African American female of 65 years of age and her husband a Black African American male of the approximate same age; whom, both had lunch at the Chick Fil A on Tuesday; 12/20/2016 at the hour of 1:00 PM CT; and, whom, left in the Minnesota on 12/20/2016 headed in the direction of New Rochelle; MN

The above persons were expert witnesses due to the familiarity of the non-banking procedures for embezzling funds from the US Bank  and, having acknowledged each other began to squeal they had said too much about the ease of accepting embezzled funds from the US Bank  and, how it foibled or hurt their money expectations for the ending of the year; and, the upstart of the following 2017 year; if, the bank robbery were to be halted.

Merrilynn of the Chick Fil A positioned to all within acknowledgement the event of Bank Robbery at the US Bank;  was to occur 'as usual' and 'with ease' on December 24, 2016; Christmas Eve; at approximately 8:00 PM CT.

Ending; Ms. Brown; overlooked the fumbling of the suspicious customer as I, Jennifer , pointed to the suspect at the teller window at approximately 11:45 am CT; I, Jennifer was very descriptive to Ms. Brown of the dropping of money/coins around the teller as the suspect exchanged coins to cash; and, Ms. Brown denied as I, Jennifer, pointed to another suspicious white female emptying coins into the coinage machine at the same time 'as a competitor' to the extraction of funds/monies at the US Bank  on Tuesday; December 20, 2016 at the hour of 11:45 pm CT; whom, would be the second person to assist in heisting bank funds of US Bank and, whom is a willful embezzler of familiarity to Ms. Brown; Sales Service Manager.

Ms. Brown's business card reads as follows:
Sales Service Manager

Thank you for your time,


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