@JetBlue – Robin Hayes – Good day Mr Hayes, I hope all is well with you and yours, I, however

Ms. Roan Wallace sent a message to Robin Hayes that said:

Good day Mr Hayes,

I hope all is well with you and yours, I, however, wish I could say the same for myself and the 5 other members of my family who tried to fly out of JFK airport on August 2, 2018(Flight 669-confirmation ref. FARVEW). Unfortunately, our flights were delayed and then cancelled on two consecutive days, thereby causing 4 of us to miss my nephew’s (my mother’s grandson)wedding in Monterey. I know there are unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays but the lack of information and caring demonstrated by JetBlue in dealing with their customers is unforgivable. My question is, if there were issues – weather related, staff issues etc. why weren’t the customers advised of this so they could make alternate arrangements? Why were we told on day 2 that the plane had already left Orlando and would be at JFK soon? Why were we deliberately misled? Is the almighty dollar so much more important than people who scrape together a fare so they can visit with family only on special occasions?

Why have us come back to the airport again and again and have us sit around for 6 hours fully knowing that the flights were slated to be cancelled (especially, my 96 year old mother, who sat anxiously in her wheelchair, waiting on a boarding announcement that never came, just so she could go see her grandson get married)? Come on man, this is people’s lives you are dealing with!

Why was another customer - a mother of 4 children - not provided with needed help when she begged for it, just so she didn’t have to stand in line for another 3 hours to change her flight? Why was she denied that help? I’ll tell you something, I honestly believe you guys should find out where Trader Joe’s staff get their customer service training so you can enroll yours in the same or a similar training program. Service staff must know when they need to deviate from the norm and un-follow the script in order to provide excellent customer service, or at least know when/who to escalate to.

On top of it all, my other sister, was bumped from the following day’s flight and booked instead on a flight to San Francisco, instead of San Jose - she had to drive several hours to get to her destination - but she at least made it to the wedding in the nick of time. Unfortunately, her return flight was cancelled so she and hubby missed work. A real Comedy of Errors.

To say I’m disappointed in JetBlue is an understatement, as my impression when I used your airline to travel to Texas earlier this year was favorable, so I applied for a JetBlue credit card and retired my American Express Delta/card. Unfortunately, this trip and the complaints I’ve seen on the Internet have soured me on JetBlue.

To add insult to injury, I had to call repeatedly to request the reimbursement I am due and was told that only $161.20 was credited to my account (out of a total of $457.40). My family also encountered the same ordeal. This should not be the case because we paid in good faith and did not receive the service we paid for. I hope this can be straightened out ASAP as I do not want to incur some outrageous interest payment on my credit card and it is bad enough that JetBlue already stole the memories my family and I attempted to build on this trip.

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