Jim, Show me that you care. Last week I ordered two sets of flowers – James McCann email address

Thomas sent a message to James McCann – CEO, 1-800-FLOWERS – Email Address that said:


Show me that you care. Last week I ordered two sets of flowers  to arrive on Saturday. One set (to my mother-Pat Davis) arrived as scheduled. The other set to my wife and daughter (one dozen roses each) did not arrive as scheduled.

I spoke with a customer service rep (in India or the Philippines). Since my wife was leaving Vancouver, WA on Tuesday, the specialist and I worked out that a set of roses would be sent to my daughter in Vancouver and another set to my wife in Columbia, MD (where she flew to on Tuesday).

Neither of those sets of flowers arrived.

I am now on the phone again. I have been on the phone now (this time) for over an hour. I talked to a specialist who transferred me to ' a VIP person who was too busy talking to listen to my story and hung up on me.

Currently, I am on the phone with yet another specialist. All I want is Mother's Day flowers for my daughter and my wife BEFORE NEXT MOTHER'S DAY.

This specialist is sending Love's Embrace to my daughter with a card that reads: "Let me be the first person to wish you happy Mother's Day for next year." They are suppose to arrive Thursday (May 12 not exactly Mother's Day this year!). We’ll see if they show up.

The specialist now want to charge me to send additional flowers to my wife who is leaving Columbia, MD tomorrow to drive home. All so she can get the flowers I sent her for Mother's Day four days late and at an additional charge. He tried his best to make this happen. He is not at fault.

My total phone time is now at nearly 3 hours. I make $75/hr.

Tell me why I should ever use 1880Flowers ever again? Tell me why I shouldn't do everything in my power to see to it that no one I know ever uses 1880flowers again?


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