@jim1800flowers – James McCann – Hello sir I am contacting you in concern of an absolute horrific experience with your

Joseph E Carter sent a message to James McCann that said:

Hello sir I am contacting you in concern of an absolute horrific experience with your company and the lies and deceit of your employees and services. I made two orders for mothers day and due to an error with one address I called back and corrected this on my own accord. I was promised that the flowers would arrive by mothers day. On the 14th of may there was still no delivery and I called to cancel. The first individual I talked to was unwilling to do this so I asked for her supervisor so I could talk to someone who had the authority to fix this as I had not only not received the flowers on the promise date four days later there was still not a delivery. This individual responded by hanging up on me after I had waited almost 30 minutes on hold in the first place. I then called back and asked to talk to a supervisor due to being hung up and not getting my delivery of flowers. This individual promised me to talk to a supervisor but after waiting and be told four times a supervisor would be with me shortly I was informed that they would credit my bank account for the lack of delivery however I was told a supervisor was still not available to here my complaint about being hung up on. This call took 40 minutes more of my time. I have used your companies at various times in the past but experiences and what I figure ended up between all the calls to take 3 hours out of my life for nothing but a lack of my mother receiving a gift from me as is my custom on mothers day. I am truly dissatisfied and hope you read this and feel it is important that those who use your service receive not only product but respect for choosing your companies product. As well I understand their can be mailing errors but no one should have to spend hours to address these occurrences.

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