@jim1800flowers – James McCann – Mr. McCann, I am e-mailing you as we ordered flowers for my son's prom. We

Chris Phillips sent a message to James McCann that said:

Mr. McCann,

I am e-mailing you as we ordered flowers for my son's prom. We called the day of delivery 4/20/18. We found out with no prior notice the order can not be delivered as there was no one in our area which delivers. That is untrue as we have ordered in the past. We also have now been on the phone for over 2.5 hours.

I asked the following:
1. Why did you not notify
2. Emily Smith - From customer care 15591 employee says she can do nothing. At this point why would this employee not stop and get flowers to our house by the morning which is what I requested. Emily is the 3rd employee we have spoken with.
3. Why is a client put on hold for 45min when a client asked for a supervisor. My first call went out at 5:01 and 2hrs later still nothing can be done.
4. I ordered the flowers and put my wife's name on the delivery in case a delivery person came to our door they could referrer to her by name. Your customer service department in the first two calls refused to talk with me even though I had all of the information from the receipt which I offered to e-mail directly to them as my name (which was used on the credit card) was not on the receipt.

Mr. McCann if this was my business I would truly fire employees. There is no excuse for flowers not being delivered with no notice until a client called.

Your service is not acceptable.

Chris Phillips

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