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Hi! I live in the Champaign Il area and of course am very familiar with Jimmy John. I know John has helped so many in the community and usually I love to watch as others are getting help with various hard times they may be having. Unfortunately this time it is my family needing the help and I would love to see if Jimmy would have any interest in helping to share our gofundme, as I know he knows so many people in all different areas.
My son in law, my daughter's husband, passed in a horrific car accident this week. (Was the fatal accident in Colfax Illinois on the 17th) My daughter and three grandkids are left behind to try to start over .
In addition to having to worry about daily living and taking care of the kids, shes been finalizing the funeral details, and getting items out of the car. She has always been a stay at home mom and now has to figure out what her financial future will look like, and how she will get a car since hers was totalled. Insurance is paying off the loan on the car and totaling it out thankfully.
Not to mention being scared to death and facing raising three kids on her own, who will not grow up knowing their daddy. We are all helping as much as possible and trying to get her through this. If this is something that he could help us with, it would be appreciated more than anyone could ever understand. Thank you in advance!
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