@JohnDeere – Samuel Allen – Hello Mr. Allen. I am a loyal John Deere customer that is extremely frustrated. On

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Hello Mr. Allen. I am a loyal John Deere customer that is extremely frustrated. On 5/20/2017, I purchased a D155 series lawn tractor from Home Depot. The first one that they brought me had a huge dent in it, so they took it back and brought another one out. I then drove it and it was leaking oil and wouldn't climb a very small hill, so they came out and got it and brought me a third unit. This unit worked okay and within a couple months, wouldn't go forward. I took it in to Van Wall and they fixed it telling me that the belts had been put on wrong at the plant. During this time they broke the tabs that hold in the light and they fixed with glue and have since had to fix again as it came unglued. Now to the real problem, on 5/19/2019, I noticed that it was leaking oil every where. I called Van Wall and left message as they didn't have anyone in service to take call. They never called back. I called back in on 5/21/2019 and was told that warranty expired on 5/20/2109 but that they should be able to get covered. They told me to wait a couple of weeks to bring in as they were too booked to look at. I took it in the next week. It turns out that the transmission had separated and needed removed and fixed. $380.34. Van Wall stated that there was nothing I could have done to cause this. The mower has 42 hours on it and they thought it would get covered. I have been dealing with Chris in support and given 105644 case number. To Chris and Van Wall's surprise the territory manager (who won't take a call, or speak to any customer or give out his name) rejected. His reasoning was 1) that I hadn't had serviced (only have 42 hours on it ???) and 2) I bought at home depot not Van Wall. I am asking for your assistance please. 515-943 1632. Thank you. Jim Phipps

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