@JohnDeere – Samuel Allen – I am Pastor David Jonsson from A Church for God's Glory in Portageville, MO. We

Pastor David Jonsson sent a message to Samuel Allen that said:

I am Pastor David Jonsson from A Church for God's Glory in Portageville, MO.
We have acquired 5 acres in Portageville, and will be producing food aquaponically to help feed the ever increasing numbers of people in need of Food due to the outbreak. At the end of the Year, unemployment assistance payments stop.

We are in need of a 30-50 hp tractor with a front loader and backhoe to work land that has been neglected for 20+ years.
We have to retrench 3 ditches , dig 6 ponds, build 2 warehouses and a Chapel.
Would you consider supporting us with a 3033R and 375A backhoe?
Utilizing vertical growing, we will produce between 150-300 acres of vegetables from this location as well as thousands of edible fish.
Training in the fields of Aquaponics and Mycological Food Production will be offered free onsite.
All food produced at this location will be Given away Free to the local food pantries and Churches for distribution.

I personally have given up a profitable computer network engineering company to serve God. My life is dedicated to God and by Jesus' command, I must Love my Neighbor as Myself.
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do, after an unnecessary cup of coffee, is eat.
And so to Love my Neighbor as Myself, I have to assure that my Neighbor has food to eat.
This is why I have dedicated my life, over the last decade to feeding the hungry.
Now we have a farm to build.
Will you help?
Your neighbors are hungry! and I am willing and able to do the work of feeding and teaching.
Enable me with the tools necessary! You have the power to do so.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Pastor David Jonsson
A Church for God's Glory
3385 County Hwy 322
Portageville, MO 63873

ps we have approached Legacy and they would not help.

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