@JohnDeere – Samuel Allen – Mr. Allen, I wanted to write to someone to let them know of a problem

William McDonald sent a message to Samuel Allen that said:

Mr. Allen, I wanted to write to someone to let them know of a problem I ran into after purchasing a zero turn lawnmower from Ag-Pro here in Jacksonville Fl. I purchased a Z345R to cut 2 acres of residential grass. At 6.6 hours the cutting belt I learned later had broke due to debris in the belt building up. Ag-Pro (Brian) stated that it was my fault and that I didn't clean it properly, worse he had ever seen. I told him that if a belt broke after just 6.6 hours of use than there was either something wrong with the mower or it was a design flaw. To me three thousand dollars for a lawn mower is nothing to sneeze about. He then charged me $62.00 for the belt.
I then told him that if that was the way John Deere backed up there warranty then I wanted to return it and receive a refund for my purchase.
They did return the money for the purchase (awaiting verification from bank) but not for the belt. No matter how I tried to explain that it doesn't matter whether I cleaned it out or not that six hours of cutting is not any reason for this machine to break a belt. I am disappointed in the fact that for me to have satisfaction I had to return the mower for a refund. I have always thought John Deere was a premium brand to own and that's why I purchased it.

Thank you for your time.

Dusty McDonald

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