Julia Stewart – I live In Asheville NC And have been Eating at The local Ihop for a

Vincent Martino sent a message to Julia Stewart that said:

I live In Asheville NC And have been Eating at The local Ihop for a few years now at least once a week sometimes twice and have witnessed multiple serve safe violations, I am a serve safe Manager Certified and also run online testing for the National Restaurant Association so also I am a certified online Proctor. The reason for my E-mail to you is to see if you would like to hear a proposition of mine for a safer work environment when it comes to handling food throughout your restaurant chain. I have eaten at your establishments from here all the way to Florida and have seen the same thing over and over, employees not wearing gloves, this is the most common out of all violations that I have witnessed. Other violations committed in your establishments are: Drinking with no lid on cup right on the line, chewing gum, no hairnets, using glasses instead of ice scoop, using cell phone, not washing hands after. These violations vary by location. I cannot imagine what goes on through the week. My proposition is simple and practical, I would take a certain region each month and observe and report to your choice of any of your buisiness associates. Compensation would entail Reimbursement of travel expenses and salary per month. There is nothing people want more then a Safe Food handling place to eat. The food at Ihop is great but the handling of the food that I have witnessed for over 2 years now is not very safe. I can guarantee you and your associates want the best possible food to be delivered to your customers and with that comes safe food handling. Let's talk sometime and pan out the details and get started on the journey for Ihop to be the safest handled food on the planet!

Vincent Martino

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