June 28,2016, Dear Mr. Salzwedel, We have had the most horrific time getting satisfaction for – Jack C Salzwedel email address

Thomas, and Cindy sent a message to Jack C. Salzwedel – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Family Insurance – Email Address that said:

June 28,2016

Dear Mr. Salzwedel,
We have had the most horrific time getting satisfaction for damage to our condo. This has come as quite a surprise to us, as we had heard such positive remarks about American Family Insurance.
We totally gutted and redid our condo September 2014.
On March 17, 2016 one of your customers over ran her sink all night flooding her condo and ours.
An adjuster, Lisa Gallina, was sent out. Ms Gallina evaluated the damage. Unfortunately, she did not understand what was required to repair our ceiling to what is was before. We asked for her to return and review the type and scope of ceiling repairs. We were denied and then treated as second class. We continued to request repairs to restore our condo to prior condition. Our phone calls were not returned, our emails remained unanswered. We could not believe this was the American Family Insurance we had heard so many good things about.
Finally, our construction company felt Ms Gallina would work with them to get our condo back to its state prior to damage.
However, it was not to be. We have, under advisement of our contractor, asked for our contents to be stored elsewhere during renovations. Ms Gallina has denied this. There is no way these contents can be manipulated into other rooms during repairs. We simply do not have the space. We have asked Ms Galina to revisit our space if necessary to review this. Is there anything else we can do?
This damage was caused by an American Family client. She has assumed all responsibility. We are not asking for anything other than our condo being restored to prior condition. We respect our contractor and feel his knowledge of this restoration is fair.
We have a two year old and five year old living in a condo with holes in the ceiling, missing hardwood floor in the kitchen, drywall missing on walls. We fear for their safety. I know your company would not approve of these conditions for children.
Could you please tell me any way we could resolve these issues and speed up this process before anyone's health is affected? We would be very grateful for any advice or help.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas and Cindy

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