Just a note. I am not going to send you a copy of the long – Greg D Carmichael email address

Bob  sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael – Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp – Email Address that said:

Just a note. I am not going to send you a copy of the long letter I have sent to  or to the local branch fax or the difficulty I had communicating with the Mortgage Service Center  In both of those instances the helpful electronic voice stated there were 65 callers ahead of me and on another occasion, 42. Either you have too few employees or too many problems requiring calls. The escrow has not been paid....the insured is 3 days from lapsing...in a grace period right now...knows if we don't get it paid by 5/3 she will have to pay it herself. Her calls to the local branch said they just couldn't help her. (What SERVICE!!!).
I know you and the rest of the execs couldn't care less, but if someone can call the service center on a special number and tell them to pay Reference Number 0315487430 (Miller) it would be helpful. As of today, it isn't paid. I can only do so much as an insurance agent. Good News! Your service level in this area is no better or worse than Chase, Huntington or PNC....although Chase is actually starting to call about 4 weeks out to get advance info about the renewals and is paying early....a good move. Thanks for reading. Bob,  No return call necessary.

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