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Just a quick question, and one I’m guessing you’ve heard before, but I’ve – Paul Reiche III email address

Scott sent a message to Paul Reiche III CEO, Toys for Bob that said:

Just a quick question, and one I'm guessing you've heard before, but I've just have to know. Has there been any discussion at your company about making a Kickstarter for the next Star Control game? As I recall, there was a petition to convince the Powers That Be at Activision there was fan interest for it, but I didn't hear anything after signing it and I'm pretty sure that was before Double Fine demonstrated to the gaming world through Kickstarter just how much nostalgia and good will towards classic games can translate into people supporting such a project with money. The changed state of affairs means Activision doesn't need to risk much of anything financially, since the support for the project will come from the customers, and all that needs to be done to get things in motion is a solid pitch to the public. ┬áBasically, it would be nice to see you guys get your 'It's a Wonderful Life' moment, where you realize just how many of us there are out there who loved Star Control as kids and are now 30-somethings who actually have a little bit of money to make this kind of thing happen. ­čÖé

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