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Justin at the Sparks’s , NV was way informative and explained to me the trade in – J Paul Raines email address

Steven sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

Justin at the Sparks's , NV was way informative and explained to me the trade in procedure. I traded in several games and bought two new games. He renewed my membership to game-informer. He was the best. I'm an older gamer and there was an older woman in the store and he helped both of us. I think this is a major flaw at most game selling stores. Justin took the time to help us understand the games. At Walmart-Kmart-0nline the older gamer is lost as the associates are "very hip" to the new games and speak in a language of unknown orgin. This makes the older gamer and or older person buying a gift hesitant to purchase from the mentioned outlets. At GameStop associates like Justin are a great find for those of us sporting a bit of gray hair. The other outlets have not recognized age as a profit concept ....good for GameStop. That niche is an open market which has great potential and all you need are people trained like Justin to achieve that goal........THANKS JUSTIN!

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