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Justin Cordero to Regina Lopez, 9 hours ago Details, September 6, 2015, Mr. Felipe Gozon Chairman and CEO of GMA Network, INC – Felipe Gozon email address

Justin sent a message to Felipe Gozon Chairman and CEO, GMA Network, Inc. that said:

Mr. Felipe Gozon
Chairman CEO,
GMA Network, INC.

Good day!

Initial Cabin Crew Training Batch 15-05 will be celebrating their graduation on the 21st of September, 2015. This day is a momentous event for everyone as the official pinning of wings will commence. Our batch started out as 26 hopefuls, and so far the only largest batch to proudly graduate complete this year. A night to remember and a lifetime of gratitude for our family and friends who gave their countless support in making this event possible, and that is what this celebration is for.

Our class would be honored to have you as our guest speaker for this memorable event. Your life experience and advocacies will serve as an excellent addition to our program as many of us look forward to hearing and learning from your work.
The graduation starts at 1800H and will take place at 4th floor auditorium at the Philippine Airlines Learning Center, with the theme ‘World of Dreams’.

We would greatly appreciate your presence in witnessing this occasion that will certify this group of individuals as licensed Cabin Crew of Philippine Airlines.

Program flow would be sent to you upon your confirmation.

Sincerely yours,


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