@kentthiry – Kent Thiry – Dear Javier, Your vision to shift Davita from a dialysis company to a kidney care

Amir Rmaile sent a message to Kent Thiry that said:

Dear Javier,

Your vision to shift Davita from a dialysis company to a kidney care company is great. Integrated care, factoring in comorbidities, is an absolute must have. I write you because I believe we have something in common.

My name is Amir Rmaile, a co-founder of a Sweden-based company, RENUSU (www.renusu.com), for kidney dialysis dietary supplements.

Since 2016, our company, led by a team of experts, have applied for patents for our kidney dialysis supplements in the USA, Sweden, Japan and IPC (WIPO). All the patents have been granted, most recent the US patent. As far as we know, we own the first & only patented kidney dialysis supplement in the world.

We have an ongoing study in Sweden where we have been giving the supplement to kidney dialysis patients since 2016, with some amazing results. Earlier this year, we started working with a dialysis center in Texas, to provide the supplement to US patients.

Our goal is to make sure our supplement reach every dialysis patient in the world, because we believe it will improve their lives and wellbeing significantly. We know its a massive goal, and we recognize that we lack the bandwidth to achieve it. I think Davita can help us greatly in achieving that. I really hope we can get in touch with you or your team of decision makers at Davita to give a pitch.

I believe our venture fits nicely with the future direction and strategy of Davita. Happy to jump on a Zoom or Teams call with you to explain more. Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,
Amir Rmaile, PhD
Cofounder, RENUSU

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